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Elecont Weather

Weather forecast for Windows Mobile Today / Home Screen and Sliding Panel

Worldwide 10-day forecasts for more than 67,000 cities. Hourly forecast, Current Conditions, Severe Weather Alerts, Barometer, "Feels like" temps. Weather data from trusted provider.

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  1. Windows Mobile 6.5 Titanium and Sliding Panel support
  2. Most accurate 10 day forecast for day and night
  3. The most precise hourly weather forecast
  4. Extended weather descriptions
  5. Current conditions
  6. Barometer
  7. Pressure/temperature graphs
  8. Pressure alert for meteodependent people
  9. Ice Alerts (New!)
  10. UV Alerts (Solar activity alert)
  11. Severe weather alerts (US only)
  12. 67,000+ worldwide locations Check
  13. Adding locations by US ZIP codes

An Entire Weather Station on Your Pocket PC

Elecont Weather is the most powerful and reliable Windows Mobile weather forecast software. Elecont Weather produces accurate 10-day and hour-by-hour weather forecast (with a lot of useful weather data and detailed descriptions) and weather alerts. Elecont Weather has global coverage you can check if your location is listed here. Elecont Weather works on a different connection types (CSD,GPRS,EDGE,3G,Wi-Fi,Activesync) with a very little traffic consumption, has two user interfaces (touch-friendly and keyboard-friendy) and many other features.

With Elecont Weather you can be secured against any weather surprises. You will always be informed about the weather forecast as well as about the event of a severe thunderstorm, tornado, blizzard, hurricane, or other natural disasters.

Elecont Weather is the only one product on the market which supports all possible Windows Mobile devices including Windows Mobile Standard (non-touchscreen Smartphone) whith Home or Sliding Panel, Windows Mobile Professional ( touchscreen Pocket PC) with Today Screen or Titanium (Windows Mobile 6.5) Default Today screen.

The most interesting feature is Barometer - a diagram showing the pressure changes during the past 24 hours. Now you always know the cause of headache if it is linked with changes in the air pressure. When Barometer detects pressure changes then it signals with a red color.

It is important that Elecont Weather reports accurate weather forecasts. The accuracy is guaranteed not only by trusted source (US weather provider), but the features like hour-by-hour forecast for the next 48 hours and Barometer. You can check the forecasts with Barometer - the pressure goes down on a rainy day or the pressure is increasing when the good weather comes.

Elecont Weather reports current outdoor Solar Activity and predicts UV Index for the next 48 hours which provides important information to help you plan outdoor activities in ways that prevent overexposure to the sun. Elecont Weather displays the alert in case if Solar Activity is too high - it may be very important for people with sensitive skin.

The "Ice alert" function will alert you when the ice on the ground. It might be useful when you're going take a walk or going to drive.

Elecont Weather adds on your Home/Today screen only necessary weather forecast data, allowing you to choose how much you need it and where to display it. Weather information is displayed with animated effects.

Elecont Weather allows you to save screen space for maximum of your important data (like todo/calendar just as other plugins). With 1-line layout weather forecast will take only one line of your display. Elecont Weather has several forecast layouts, optimized for different display sizes.

More detailed weather information is also available within detailed window.

Graphs and trends
  1. Past 24 hours air pressure
  2. Past 24 hours air temperature
  3. Next 48 hours air temperature

Current conditions
  1. Current sky conditions
  2. Current (outdoor) temperature,
  3. "Feels like" temperature Wind chill (apparent temp felt on exposed skin),
  4. "Feels like" temperature Heat index (combines air temperature and relative humidity in an attempt to determine the human-perceived equivalent temperature — how hot it feels),
  5. Ultraviolet (the sun’s ultraviolet intensity) level,
  6. Barometric pressure,
  7. Wind speed and direction,
  8. Humidity
  9. Visibility (the greatest distance you can see),
  10. Sunrise and sunset time

Hour-by-hour forecast (for next 48 hours)

  1. Sky conditions with temperature and chance of precipitation,
  2. UV Index

10 day - weather forecast

  1. Day / Night conditions with extended textual descriptions,
  2. Day / Night Wind speed and direction,
  3. Day / Night chance of precipitation,
  4. Day / Night humidity
  5. Sunset / sunrise time

Weather Alerts

  1. National severe weather alerts with extended reports (USA)
  2. Solar Activity Alerts (Global)
  3. Ice Alert (Global)

Forecast updates are available at 7AM, 10AM, 1PM, 4PM and 7PM (all times are Eastern). Current conditions, weather alerts updates are available  at :15 and :30 past the each hour.

Elecont Weather is compatible with all possible types of Windows Mobile devices including Smartphones with Home screen or Sliding panel or Pocket PC with Today or Windows Mobile 6.5 Titanium Today screen.

Available in 12 languages