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Elecont Launcher

Launcher for Windows Mobile

Elecont Launcher provides fast and easy way to start your favourite applications, URLs, documents or control panel items directly from Home/Today screen. Elecont Launcher optimized for usage by touch and gestures.

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  1. Fast and touch-friendly quick launch plugin for Pocket PC / Smartphone
  2. Vibro-touch,sliding and animation effects
  3. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and phone control
  4. Screen rotation, sound control, reset and off
  5. SMS,E-Mail,Missed Calls,Battery and Memory indicators
  6. High speed and small memory / resource usage
  7. Multiple layout modes and icon sizes
  8. Animated and sound effects directly on Home/Today screen

Elecont Launcher is a fast and powerful plugin for Pocket PC and Smartphone. With Elecont Launcher you can add on Home/Today screen your favourite applications, control panel items, documents, sites and other files. Elecont Launcher displays main phone parameters like battery charge, missed calls, SMS, e-mails, wifi, bluetooth, GSM, screen rotation, sound control and others and allows to control them.

Built-in shortcuts and indicators

Built-in indicator displays the status on the Home/Today screen and allows touch-friendly control. For example 'Missed calls' indicator displays the number of missed calls and displays the list of missed calls when you touch it. Wifi indicator displays current Wifi status and allows to turn on or off the Wifi module. The indicators provides quick and touch-friendly way to control your device from the Home/Today screen

  1. Missed calls
  2. Battery charge level
  3. Memory load
  4. SMS
  5. E-mail
  6. Flash card
  7. Main storage
  8. Wi-fi
  9. Bluetooth
  10. GSM (phone on / off)
  11. Sound (on / off / vibration)
  12. Screen rotation (portrait / landscape)
  13. Soft-Reset
  14. Off
  15. Sound volume down
  16. Sound volume up

Application types

Elecont Launcher allows to place the applications, documents or sites on Home/Today screen. Each application can be started in touch-friendly manner. For example, you can organize your favourite applications or documents and start it just in one touch.

  1. Any installed application
  2. Documents (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc)
  3. Pictures, musical and movie files
  4. Control panel items
  5. Any custom folder
  6. Any custom file

Today screen layouts

You can choose from multiple layouts how to display your favourite applications or indicators on the Home/Today screen. For example, you can choose 1-line mode with sliding effect to save your screen space, or you can choose 3-line mode with big icons if you have enough screen space.

  1. 7 different icon sizes
  2. Single or 2,3,4,5 or auto-grow line Today screen mode

Available in 12 languages