Elecont Dialer

Elecont Dialer

Phone dialer for Windows Mobile

Elecont Dialer is fast and easy way to make calls directly from Home/Today screen. All of your favourite contacts can be easily accessed in one touch.

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  1. Each contact can be displayed as photo from contact, custom image or text
  2. Single line display mode with sliding effect
  3. Supports phone dialing and sending SMS messages
  4. Protection against accidental clicks
  5. Animated and sound effects
  6. Multiple Home/Today screen layouts for different screen sizes
  7. Small memory and resource usage

Powerful and easy way to organize your contacts directly on Home/Today screen. Multiple contacts can be displayed in different layouts and sizes allowing you to save space on your screen.

Each contact can be easily dialed by phone. Just choose the contact and touch it. Use long tap on contact to start SMS message.

Elecont Dialer has the protection which prevents you to make calls in case of accidental clicks.

Today screen layouts
  1. Single with sliding touch coutrol
  2. Multiple lines

Contact item can be displayed as

  1. Photo from contact book
  2. Custom image file
  3. Custom text
  4. Icon (6 icons included)
Each contact item can be displayed in six different sizes

Available in 12 languages